How to get your UK document (s) legalized or attested by the UAE Embassy, London

For anyone planning to relocate or who is in the process of relocating from the UK to the UAE for work purposes, you would probably know by now that legalization and attestation of your documents is something that you should seriously consider before moving. Infact, if you have received a job offer before already, you will be strongly advised to ensure this is done before you start the visa application/relocation process. Continue reading “How to get your UK document (s) legalized or attested by the UAE Embassy, London”


Counting Down…

It is that time of the year when schools are closed, the sun is out and everyone is in need of that much deserved break. A lot of times we underestimate the need for holidays in our working routine and sometimes work nonstop with breaks only when the offices are shut (i.e. Christmas and new year breaks). This is definitely not a healthy lifestyle. Continue reading “Counting Down…”

Taking stock, One day at a time…

I am so disappointed with myself at how sparse my blog posts have been in recent months. I mean, I used to pride myself in my ability to multi task and I thought my time management skills were super. That seems to be a farce as I have not managed to do anything credible outside work in the past months! My routine has been very unstructured and unproductive I must say. What happened to all the plans I had for early this year? It’s nearly mid February and my birthday is almost here, I had plans for these first few months! Well, mini rant over! :-). Continue reading “Taking stock, One day at a time…”

UK Foreign Office releases list of the most unsafe countries to visit

Following the Russian plane crash of October 31st 2015 where all 224 passengers and crew lost their lives, a new list has been released by the UK Foreign Office showing tourists which countries are most volatile and probably unsafe to travel to until things normalise. I would add that this list may also be relevant to people looking to take up employment in these countries. Continue reading “UK Foreign Office releases list of the most unsafe countries to visit”

Letting your work skills work for you – The case of Serena Williams and her stolen phone

Source: Facebook

A lot of us have have had to use the skills we acquire at work in our personal life situations but Serena William’s recent story proves exceptional. We all know Serena and the successes she has had in her tennis career but who knew she could also track down a petty thief? Her running skills, confidence and physical strength definitely came in handy in this situation. Continue reading “Letting your work skills work for you – The case of Serena Williams and her stolen phone”

Frequent Traveller? 10 Things you maybe didn’t know you can ask for on board your flight

A lot of us have to travel frequently for work purposes and even for leisure. Flying and travelling in itself is a stressful activity, so here are a few things you probably did not know you could ask for while on board an aircraft to make your journey a little bit bearable. Continue reading “Frequent Traveller? 10 Things you maybe didn’t know you can ask for on board your flight”

Pregnancy loss and returning back to work – 3 tips to help you pull through

You find out whether expected or unexpected that you are expecting a child. When the time is right, you announce your good news to your friends, family and possibly work colleagues. The congratulatory messages flow in en masse. At work, if you are the female, people seize the opportunity to touch your tummy at every chance while to some, you become the topic of discussion (gossip). Do you know she’s pregnant? Oh she’s having a girl! She’s due in October. Gasp! Everyone’s excited, nervous or just being plain curious about your pregnancy.  If you are the man, then during your coffee break, you get the odd brave colleague who has mustered up enough courage, walk up to you to know more about your pregnancy journey.

Continue reading “Pregnancy loss and returning back to work – 3 tips to help you pull through”

Office personalities – Secrets to get ahead

In any work environment you find yourself in, you will always come across individuals with several personality types. This includes your boss and colleagues. Different personality types require different relationship management approaches so here are some personality types you might find in the workplace and how you can manage them to stay ahead in your career.


Continue reading “Office personalities – Secrets to get ahead”

Challenges faced by women leaders in the Oil & Gas industry

Having worked in an industry where women are the minority for over 10 years now, I have identified a few challenges that women face in these working environments. I also looked into the subject of gender equality in the Oil & Gas industry while carrying out my PhD research. However, for this post, I did not want to base the findings on my own experiences but on views from other women working in leadership positions, particularly in the Oil and Gas industry.


The feedback I received produced a lot of interesting insights which I have decided to share in this blog post. The gender issue or discussion has been constantly covered in many discussion and it is easy for someone who is not in the situation to say that women get treated the same way as men but this is far from true. The reality is actually a bit worrying.  Continue reading “Challenges faced by women leaders in the Oil & Gas industry”