On Being a 40 Under 40 APMP Award Recipient…

I would be unfair to myself and the other 39 awesome proposals management professionals who have been recognised into the inaugural class of 40 Under 40 APMP Professionals around the world if I didn’t put a blog post about this. See link below for more information:

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The ‘I’m Interested’ Culture On LinkedIn

For people who use LinkedIn frequently, I can be sure that not a day has passed by without you seeing someone saying ‘I’m interested’ or ‘Interested’ on a job post which clearly provides instructions on how to apply for the job. It baffles me that someone who is on the search for their next job, who also has their alerts publicized to all their contacts, would go to a job post which says ‘click on the link to read the job description and apply’ and type in ‘I’m interested’ then move on… Continue reading “The ‘I’m Interested’ Culture On LinkedIn”

New LinkedIn features To Take Note Of

LinkedIn has become an important part of networking in the business and corporate world with over 430 million users in over 200 countries. With new users signing on every day, it is indisputable that this is the go-to forum for discussing work related activities, meeting people in similar areas of work and mainly networking.  Continue reading “New LinkedIn features To Take Note Of”

Salary Negotiation – The power is in your hands

I recently read a fantastic and mind boosting story of how a Silicon Valley software engineer was able to negotiate a fantastic salary for himself despite having been rejected from the same company previously. Here’s a brief of the story as summarised by Business Insider:  Continue reading “Salary Negotiation – The power is in your hands”

Leaving your job? Here are some exit interview no no’s!

There comes a time in most people’s lives when they have to leave their jobs to try something different. This could be by choice or not. However, when faced with that time of your life, do you choose to burn bridges or not? I know people would say it depends on the circumstance surrounding your departure from that particular office and therefore a decision on how you want to approach your exit interview might be hugely relative. A recent report by the Insider has identified 11 things you shouldn’t say when leaving a job. However, I have condensed these to 8 points as below:  Continue reading “Leaving your job? Here are some exit interview no no’s!”

Starting a new job? Here’s how to settle into your new social circle

Last time, I wrote about not finding time to do other things that I love to do and one of my plans was to make a To Do List. It seems to be working so far as I have managed to achieve a lot more in the past week! Are you struggling like me to get things done after work? then read that article here, it just might help you.

So, one of the things I have achieved this week is to find time to write and put up this article and I am proud of myself for that :-). I hope this article helps someone who is starting a new job or trying to ‘fit in’ to a work situation. Continue reading “Starting a new job? Here’s how to settle into your new social circle”

Setting goals for the New Year

I can’t believe how quickly 2015 went. It brought with it loads of good things, disappointments, loss, tears but just like every one of us, I’m grateful to be here. So now, we all have over 360 days at your disposal. What are we all going to do with it? Here are a few things you might consider doing to give your year some kind of structure. I am certain you have goals: business, personal and career goals. Trust me, they are definitely achievable if you set your mind to it. Don’t let another year pass by without you having a significant achievement.

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7 Tips for taking the perfect LinkedIn profile photo

According to LinkedIn.com, LinkedIn “operates the world’s largest professional network on the Internet with more than 400 million members in over 200 countries and territories.” If you are on LinkedIn then you know by now that putting up a profile picture can make a difference in your networking or job search. Continue reading “7 Tips for taking the perfect LinkedIn profile photo”

Signs you are better at your job than you think

As a worker, you have probably wondered one time or the other if you are actually good at what you do. This may be down to lack of confidence or just curiosity. The Business Insider have however come up with 6 signs which may help you decide if you are better at your job than you think: Continue reading “Signs you are better at your job than you think”

Why you should draw a line between work and personal E-mail – The Hillary Clinton controversy

The current issues raised with Hillary Clinton and the work/personal emails she exchanged and received during her time as Secretary of State highlight the need for everyone, whether CEO or Receptionist to be cautious in their activities while using emails. This applies to the use of work email for personal purposes and the use of personal emails for work purposes. If it is work related, as much as you can, avoid using your personal mail to send it. Mobile phones make it easy for us to have access to our personal emails on our phone, however, limit this use to personal mails. Continue reading “Why you should draw a line between work and personal E-mail – The Hillary Clinton controversy”