Why you need to check that proposal, again!

Accuracy! Most of the time, paying attention to detail is the difference between a good and credible Proposals Manager and one who consistently has a shabby non-compliant submission.


Paying attention to detail is something that every Proposals Manager should take very seriously, in fact, it should be a watchword! This ranges from making sure that we respond to all the Client’s requirements where possible, to ensuring that grammar is right, sentences make sense and there is a flow in all the information we provide to the Client. Continue reading “Why you need to check that proposal, again!”


How to get the info you need for your bid submission

Anyone working in proposals will attest to the fact that, getting the quality of information required in time for a bid submission is one of the major challenges of working in proposals. As a Proposals Manager, how do you get others to see the need and urgency for the information required to submit a credible bid? How do you make them understand that the bid cannot wait and the information you need is paramount to the success or failure of your submission?

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