Why you need to check that proposal, again!

Accuracy! Most of the time, paying attention to detail is the difference between a good and credible Proposals Manager and one who consistently has a shabby non-compliant submission.


Paying attention to detail is something that every Proposals Manager should take very seriously, in fact, it should be a watchword! This ranges from making sure that we respond to all the Client’s requirements where possible, to ensuring that grammar is right, sentences make sense and there is a flow in all the information we provide to the Client.

Nothing irks me more than receiving non-conformities from a Client or losing out on a tender because of a lack of attention to detail. There is no doubt that no one is above mistakes, however, a majority of errors found in proposals could have been avoided if someone had paid a little more attention to their submission.

As one of my Managers once said, it takes a special kind to work in proposals. Someone who does not mind the daily pressures, who is consistent and who checks their documents, double checks it and then checks it again for accuracy even when they have looming deadlines and a short turnaround timeline. Checking your work or having someone check your work, though demanding, pays in the end.

With proposals you cannot afford to get it wrong. Not only because of the potential money and business your company could lose as a result of these errors, but also because of the negative image and message you might be sending to the Client by submitting sloppy work. Get it right first time!


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