How to get the info you need for your bid submission

Anyone working in proposals will attest to the fact that, getting the quality of information required in time for a bid submission is one of the major challenges of working in proposals. As a Proposals Manager, how do you get others to see the need and urgency for the information required to submit a credible bid? How do you make them understand that the bid cannot wait and the information you need is paramount to the success or failure of your submission?

magnifying-glass-1044316_960_720Just when the deadline is looming, you send a reminder for that information you have been asking for, then what do you get? ‘Well, You know I’m not only here to do tenders or bids. In fact, my input to tenders is a very tiny bit of what I do. I have a day job you know…’. How do you manage this? You need this information. Here are two tips that you should keep in mind:

1. Build Relationships: You should not wait till when the bid submission is due or when you have a submission in hand to build relationships. Help others out, build a network within your organisation, be friendly and approachable. Your job becomes less stressful when you have the confidence that people will be willing to help and provide their deliverables for your bid submission by the deadline. Take time to build relationships and trust.

2. Recognise that people have day jobs: You’ve probably heard this from the ‘culprits’ themselves. As a Bid Manager, You need to be sensitive to this and recognise that people have day jobs.Where possible (ofcourse there is always that one RFQ that comes in today with a submission tomorrow!), ensure that your request for information from your internal stakeholders is sent out as early as possible. This allows enough time for people to plan their work load and also allows enough time for you to chase, send reminders etc. before the submission deadline.


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