The ‘I’m Interested’ Culture On LinkedIn

For people who use LinkedIn frequently, I can be sure that not a day has passed by without you seeing someone saying ‘I’m interested’ or ‘Interested’ on a job post which clearly provides instructions on how to apply for the job. It baffles me that someone who is on the search for their next job, who also has their alerts publicized to all their contacts, would go to a job post which says ‘click on the link to read the job description and apply’ and type in ‘I’m interested’ then move on…Poses, Female, Education, Posing, Caucasian, What

There is no doubt that this is the easy way out but has anyone ever gotten a job through this means? I can only imagine how annoyed recruiters must be when they see this and really hope it does not put off Recruiting Managers from spending time reviewing CV’s of those who actually spend time applying properly for these jobs.

I have even seen posts where people are looking for jobs and candidates still go in and say they are ‘interested’. It clearly shows the person responding has not even read the post at all. How then can you expect an employer to trust you with a credible job?

I therefore have a piece of advise for the ‘I’m interested’ candidates which maybe they have failed to realise:

  1. I can almost guarantee that saying ‘I’m interested’ on a job post will not get you that dream job.
  2. It pays to read and follow instructions when responding to a job post.If you are actually searching for a new job, it is worth those extra minutes…read the job description and take the pains to apply following the instructions of the job poster.
  3. Most job adverts where you are asked to say ‘I’m interested’ if you are interested in the roles are scams.
  4. By continuously saying ‘I’m interested’ in any job opportunity you come across, you make yourself look irresponsible and unprofessional.
  5. The easy ‘I’m interested’ way is not a solution!

Good luck in your job search!


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