How to get your UK document (s) legalized or attested by the UAE Embassy, London

For anyone planning to relocate or who is in the process of relocating from the UK to the UAE for work purposes, you would probably know by now that legalization and attestation of your documents is something that you should seriously consider before moving. Infact, if you have received a job offer before already, you will be strongly advised to ensure this is done before you start the visa application/relocation process.If you do a simple search for this online you will be amazed (or maybe not) at the various options you will be presented with. All at very expensive prices making it look like a herculean task. If money is not an issue and you are looking for a stress free option, then you can go with these services. However, I feel that doing it yourself is equally as stress free. So here are a few pointers on how to get your UK documents legalized at the UAE embassy in London.

  • Ensure that the document you take to or present to the UAE Embassy in London has been certified or legalized by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, or the Governors’ Offices of Jersey, Isle of Man & Guernsey, the Irish Ministry for Foreign Affairs or the Icelandic Ministry for Foreign Affairs, according to the region where the document originated.
  • Once you have received your legalized documents back from the FCO or the relevant certifying body, you can then get them legalized by the UAE embassy in London. Please note that the UAE Embassy in London will not legalise any foreign documents. Therefore, any documents presented for legalization will have to be UK documents. As a rule of thumb, documents generally have to be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and then the UAE embassy of the country where it was issued.
  • If you are going in person, then the documents can usually be ready for collection in the afternoon of the same day. However, if you are posting it, then you need to follow the procedures below.
    • Arrange for a postal order or banker’s draft payable to the UAE Embassy to the value of the exact payment as you will not be provided with any refunds if you have overpaid. Cash payments are only acceptable if lodged by hand as long as it does not exceed £1000.00 (one thousand pounds sterling). Note that documents incur different fees so check the Embassy website for the cost of certifying the exact document you need before proceeding to get postal orders or banker’s draft.
    • Ensure that you include a cover letter if you are posting the documents from the UK. The Cover Letter should include an email address, state the number of documents you have enclosed for attestation and the exact amount you are paying.
    • Include a self-addressed stamped envelope for returning the documents to you. It typically takes three working days to post your documents back.
  • If you are posting your documents through from Europe, USA, Canada or Australia then you could add an extra £10 for postage and enclose a self-addressed envelope with the covering letter.
  • If you are posting your documents through from outside the UK, you will need to arrange collection of your documents once you have been notified by the Embassy that they are ready. This could be done using a courier service. 

The process should usually take about a week if the documents have been legalized properly by the relevant authority prior to submission.

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