Skype Interview Tips For A Tendering Or Proposals Role

With globalization and a lot of people working as expatriates in various parts of the world, Skype has been increasingly used as a means of interviewing people in advance of them being employed into a company. Here are a few tips that might help you ace that Skype interview. For examples of interview questions you might be asked, you can visit my previous post here:

With tendering or proposals jobs, there will most likely be no requirement for a practical session, except your interviewers want to be pedantic. The focus will more likely be on your ability to express yourself confidently as this will be a major requirement in a tendering or proposals role.

  1. Prepare! Prepare! Prepare!: Just like any face to face interview, you need to prepare for any Skype interview you have been invited to attend. This includes what you will say, wear, the location of the interview and much more. You can place a note beside you if needed to remind you of the points you want to raise during the interview. Also important is to ensure that Skype is working properly from whatever device you intend to use for the interview. Remember that some companies will use Skype for Business so you can try out the link in advance to see if it works. With technology, no amount of preparation can dictate what may go wrong, so always prepare for Plan B if technology fails at the last minute.
  1. Appearance Matters: This goes without saying. You will be seen during the Skype interview, at least the top half of your body will be seen and therefore you need to present a neat and professional front. Make sure you dress professionally; your hair is neat and in the right place and most importantly ensure that you have clean teeth. If you are a lady, ensure that your make up is appropriate for the interview, there is no need to go overboard as things like make up, hairstyle and colour of clothing can be overly enhanced over an interviewer’s screen.
  1. Check you interview location: The best place for this would probably be at home or in any location where you think you can carry this out without any interference or background noise. A busy canteen or the roadside are probably not the best locations except ofcourse, you do not have a choice. In that case, it is courteous to let your interviewers know well in advance so they are not taken unawares in the event that there is any kind of disruption.
  1. Check your background: It is important that you ensure that the background view of what the interviewers are seeing is pleasant. It is preferable to have a plain wall rather than an unmade bed or clothes scattered everywhere, dirty dishes and many more things that you may not have known that you had left lying around. All these will not tell a good story about your personality and can encourage the interviewers to make assumptions about your personality before even having a conversation with you. Practice ahead of the interview with someone else so that you can confirm what they see when they call you on Skype. Allow yourself enough time to set up your camera to face the right position.

With all these in place, what is left is for you to ensure that you have responded to the questions appropriately and have given proven examples to support what you are saying. GOOD LUCK!


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