Exercising – the only thing I’ve managed to keep up with

Once again I have to apologise for not sharing as much as I would love to in the past months. This year has flown by so quickly that I’m nearly struggling to keep up.  I have also not kept up with my plan to have a to do list. It just has not worked for me. Other things seem to creep up out with the things that I have on my list! 

The only thing I have managed to keep up with in this speedy year has been badminton. I have gone back to one of my first loves. Despite my repeated desires to include exercise in my daily routine, I just didn’t manage to stay motivated enough. However, I knew that if I focused on a form of exercise I had an interest in, maybe, just maybe, I would be forced to exercise.

So after a lot of persuasion from one of my friends, I’ve been back to playing badminton in the past month. Both indoors and in the garden. The difference this has made to my life is inexplicable. I feel like I have more energy at work, I’m not as tired as I am normally and I feel so much better with myself generally. I know it might not be much but I can see that every little does definitely help.

So if like me you have been feeling tired, laid back and generally not interested in exercise, this weekend, seek out something you love to do. It just might make a difference…


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