New LinkedIn features To Take Note Of

LinkedIn has become an important part of networking in the business and corporate world with over 430 million users in over 200 countries. With new users signing on every day, it is indisputable that this is the go-to forum for discussing work related activities, meeting people in similar areas of work and mainly networking. 

Following on from increased user numbers on their site, LinkedIn have started looking at ways to engage users, improve user experience, as well as retain the numbers. Here are some new LinkedIn features you may want to know and maximise your use of depending on your individual or corporate need:

  1. – LinkedIn paid over 1.5Billion USD in 2015 to acquire this online training website. Online training is major in most parts of the world nowadays and LinkedIn is capitalising on this. Once this has been fully immersed in the LinkedIn ‘world’, it is expected that users will begin to see online training courses offered on LinkedIn, some which might be free to access.
  2. ProFinder- this is LinkedIn’s new service aimed at matching business customers or clients with candidates that have the skills matching their requirements. This should make things easier for recruiters and business owners to source people who can provide the services they require. Recruiters can easily check the profile (s) or contact freelance candidates who have been identified by this tool as matching their service requirements.
  3. Content sharing – As most of us may already know, LinkedIn provides users with the opportunity to share content including embedding videos and many more on their profile pages. In addition, the analytics feature ensures that a user is able to track the impact of the content they have shared, to see how widely read the post has been etc. Depending on other users’ engagement of your post, LinkedIn could feature your blog post on its ‘pulse news’ thereby allowing a wider range of users access to the content you shared.

LinkedIn, depending on its usage can propel or destroy a career. It’s hoped that with these new features, our readers are able to use LinkedIn in a positive way in order to maximise its benefits and enhance their careers.



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