UK University offers scholarships for Nigerian students

While doing some research last night I came across this information which should be useful for any Nigerian looking to continue or to further their studies in the United Kingdom.

Currently the University of Sheffield is offering scholarships to both undergraduate and postgraduate students specifically from Nigeria. According to the university’s website, the students have to “show exceptional academic potential and are starting their studies at the University of Sheffield in September 2016”. 

Apart from the undergraduate scholarships which is offered to international students, Nigerians inclusive, the school offers what is known as Nigeria Management Scholarships 2016, worth £2,000/year with strict criteria which can be found by following this Link.

Also offered by the University is a Social Science Scholarship to Nigerian undergraduate students in any of the following departments: East Asian Studies, Economics, Education, Geography, Information School, Journalism, Politics, Sociological Studies, Town and Regional Planning. The scholarship is also worth £2,000.

Most interestingly is the Nigeria Merit Undergraduate Scholarships 2016 which includes a 50% tuition fee discount. Eligibility is based on being a Nigerian national or being permanently domiciled in Nigeria. Award is based on academic merit and applicants must hold an offer for entry in September 2016 by Friday 15 April 2016.

If you are Nigerian or you know a Nigerian who is planning to study in the UK then this is worth investigating as the deadlines are pretty close. More details can be found Here. Good luck!


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