Starting a new job? Here’s how to settle into your new social circle

Last time, I wrote about not finding time to do other things that I love to do and one of my plans was to make a To Do List. It seems to be working so far as I have managed to achieve a lot more in the past week! Are you struggling like me to get things done after work? then read that article here, it just might help you.

So, one of the things I have achieved this week is to find time to write and put up this article and I am proud of myself for that :-). I hope this article helps someone who is starting a new job or trying to ‘fit in’ to a work situation.

  • Build social networks as it will make work more enjoyable and make it easy for you to integrate. This does not mean adding people on Social Media once you meet them and does not necessarily mean being best friends. It is all about being cordial with everyone as this will definitely help you feel welcomed. Simple things like joining others for lunch can go a long way to break the ice and create an air of inclusion.

  • Take time to know and understand the people you meet. You will most likely come across unfriendly people. Those who think you have come to take their job and those who just don’t like you for any reason. However, you have to find a way to work with these people. Sit back and observe personalities as this will help you know how to handle each person and their personality types. Once you know who is who, you can adjust your personality to suit them.
  • Avoid spending time hanging around. It is okay to get to know people and to find time to speak to people you meet when you are new in an office. However, being too sociable can make you look like you’re not busy. It is okay in your first week to chit chat here and there but focus more on getting to grips with the job responsibilities after that. Spend your time understanding the professional issues you have been hired to solve. A little bit of chit chat is good but don’t be renowned for spending most of your day gossiping or complaining. 
  • Office gossip is one that you should try as much as possible to run away from whether you are new or not. I mean, gossip in any setting is not healthy but in the workplace it becomes even more complicated. Particularly when you are new and have not really identified who is who. If someone tries to engage you in office gossip then find a way to get yourself out of the situation – fast! If by any chance you’ve already heard the gossip, then please don’t pass it on to anyone – it can only lead to trouble in the work place.
  • Lastly, make sure that you have self confidence and self awareness. With these and hopefully the experience you have, you will positively shine. Be confident in yourself and your capabilities, especially when talking to Senior Management as lack of confidence shows very quickly.

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