Taking stock, One day at a time…

I am so disappointed with myself at how sparse my blog posts have been in recent months. I mean, I used to pride myself in my ability to multi task and I thought my time management skills were super. That seems to be a farce as I have not managed to do anything credible outside work in the past months! My routine has been very unstructured and unproductive I must say. What happened to all the plans I had for early this year? It’s nearly mid February and my birthday is almost here, I had plans for these first few months! Well, mini rant over! :-). I have called myself to order now as I am a proponent of the ideology that all things are possible if only you put your mind to it. I have decided now to make out time specially for the things that I love like blogging, writing articles and other things that interest me. Understandably, I am exhausted mentally and physically when I get home but that’s no excuse, no more excuses! So this is my plan to get things done going forward – so help me God! 🙂

  • Make out a To do list: I used to live by a things-to-do list when I was studying part time as I had to work with a very strict and tight schedule. That seems to have gone out of the door now but I remember that it used to help me get things done. So, from now on, I am going to return to making a daily or weekly list as the case may be. Hopefully, this will serve as a daily reminder of my daily targets and a call to order when I have not met my deadlines.
  • Sleep early: Now, this is a big ask. I am not a morning person although I have to get up really early on week days. This should naturally mean that I sleep early, or even feel sleepy anytime earlier than 11pm but it just does not seem to happen for me. However, I think the reason why I am tired when I return from work and not able to cope with any more brain activity (lol) is because of not having sufficient sleep. I am going to try to get into bed at 10pm at the latest, hopefully, I will fall asleep earlier than 12 midnight!
  • Purposely make out time: After I’m done with all my excuses and reasons for not getting up to speed with things I need to do, I know it actually takes a conscious effort to get anything done. I mean, if I want to eat, do I not go into the kitchen to get some food or order in something? that takes a conscious effort. I believe that applies to making out time for other things too. Rather than watch whatever’s on TV, I will make a conscious effort to make out time to do other things between the time I get back from work and the time I go to bed. If I take out one hour a day to finish up my journal article, I will probably get it done before the looming deadline!.
  • Stop procrastinating: Need I say more… I am going to try to do those things that I push off to tomorrow, today.

Now, I don’t now if any of these plans will work, but I am going to try. The first step has been sitting up just now to consciously write this and putting it up! All things are truly possible :-). Next step is to set out targets for the few days left of this week and going forward. Fingers crossed that it all goes well…



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