#talkaboutuni – My journey into Business Management

I am so excited putting up our second #talkaboutuni contributor. It is exciting hearing about people’s experiences in university and what they have managed to make out of it. There is so much to learn from other people’s education through to their career walk and growth. Meet this talented, beautiful lady who has been kind enough to share her experiences.

Hope you enjoy it 🙂

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What you’re studying/studied, your university?

What a nice way to start… I never wanted to study business management but then again, I couldn’t pass the JAMB exams a prerequisite to getting admission into Nigerian universities.
I wasn’t a dummy but I just couldn’t hit the 260 scores; a criteria to study law. I tried for 2 years and still got ‘Jambed’ by JAMB. My scores were always within the range of 200-220. I then concluded that fate had a role to play in this. Probably I was never meant to be a lawyer.
That was the beginning of my journey into the business world as I opted to study Business Management at the very famous university of Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria.

An exciting fact about your course of study?

Studying business management was an eye opener for me. I took so much interest in understanding the world of business- locally and internationally.
My take-out from my first class remains very fresh in my memory; “proper planning prevents poor performance”.
Another very exciting fact of my study were the case studies and analysis… We got to understand practical analysis of existing companies and their operations, as well as my lecturer who never stopped saying to us “if a business fails under your watch then you are a bad manager”. For some reason, this gave me a push to pursue excellence as I never want to be identified as a ‘bad manager’.

An exciting thing that has happened during your studies.

I would never forget our first orientation- few days before we resumed classes at freshers level. The HOD came to address us and when he was done with all the pep talk, he said ‘any question?’ The very ambitious me put up my hands and I think I asked the silliest questions ever much to the amusement of my course mates. My question was; ‘since we are studying Business management, does it mean that once we graduate, we would be called business managers?’ In my thoughts, medical students complete their 6 years program and are called ‘Doctors’, law students round up theirs and are called ‘lawyers’ so why can I not be called a manager?

The most difficult thing or situation you faced while studying.

Because of my ambitious nature, I was voted for the position of a course Rep for various courses throughout my university days by my classmates. I found it interesting to coordinate and manage the whole process of student-teacher relationship, gradually I began to drift away from my primary objective to study and rather concentrated on helping other students solve their crisis/ problems in school… It became a problem of balancing my student-course rep role. Above all it was an amazing experience being there and helpful to other students and my class mates.

Motivation and Career goals.

8 years after graduation, I still say to myself ‘fate did me well’.
My study has been so useful in all ramifications.
It has really been an exciting experience at different times as a client service professional, a brand specialist, marketing strategist in the experiential marketing industry.
Everyday I wake up to my dreams to know more, get more, achieve more and give more.

Any other interesting information you want to share.

Having tunnel or limited vision as far as business knowledge is concerned is akin to dropping out of high school. In doing so, you limit your possibilities for success and how great your success could be. But at the end of the day, what is most important is not how much you know, but what you know and what you do with that knowledge.

Through it all, I have learnt that you earn a managerial position even with the slightest commitment and task you set out to do.

Being a manager, begins with you.

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