#talkaboutuni – From Accounting to Supply Chain

So I have received the very first contribution to the #talkaboutuni campaign and here it goes. Hope you enjoy it 🙂

bookkeeper-1016299_960_720What you’re studying/studied, your university?

I studied accounting in the University of Calabar, Nigeria.

An exciting fact about your course of study?

Whether we like it or not, Accounting is necessary in all aspects of life, from the housewife, to the working class woman, to the business man out there. It is very important to keep account of your money, and your stock.

An exciting thing that happened during your studies?

Well I left school 10 years ago, so remembering an exciting thing is going to be a wee bit difficult, as there was a whole lot of exciting things. One I can remember now is the relief that comes in when your balance sheet eventually balances during an exam. At the time no one wants to know if the answers are right or wrong.

The most difficult thing or situation you faced while studying.

A difficult situation I can still remember is studying for the mathematics examination. Up till now I have not found the opportunity to apply calculus, (dy/dx) in real life situations. I wonder if I ever will. That was pure torture.

Motivation and Career goals?

Along the way, I changed the course of my career to supply chain management. I enjoy the interactive part of this career. Having to meet different people every day and negotiate terms for the good of the organization motivates me every day. I hope to be well versed in this new career in the future so that I can manage my own supply chain company.

Any other interesting information you want to share?

Finally, I would like to add that going to a university is not just about developing academically, it is also about developing our social life, it is important to be able to raise one’s head among peers, and colleagues alike, and to make the right decisions when necessary. University gives an individual that opportunity.

If you would like to participate in the #talkaboutuni campaign, please get in touch or see the details here.


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