Signs you are better at your job than you think

As a worker, you have probably wondered one time or the other if you are actually good at what you do. This may be down to lack of confidence or just curiosity. The Business Insider have however come up with 6 signs which may help you decide if you are better at your job than you think:

1. You look forward to going to work.

beautiful-15704_640Were you excited about going in to work today? Well, this is the first sign that you are better at your job than you think. Most people who are not good at their jobs are anxious about going into work and some only do it for the money. However, if you are enthusiastic about going into work then that is a good sign.

2. You find that your day at work passes very quickly.

personal-885549_640If you find that you always have a lot to do from the time you go in up to when you leave then it is another good sign. I am not speaking about big busy because you procrastinated the whole week or lagged behind in your work. This is more about being focused on the work at hand and showing so much commitment and enthusiasm for what you do that you do not realise how much time has flown by.

3. You find yourself constantly seeking out new tasks.

thinking-849622_640If you are constantly seeking out new tasks above and beyond your daily tasks then this is another positive sign.  This is when you personally expand on your work responsibilities, going above and beyond your duties because you are doing such a good job.

4. You’ve got the answers.

road-sign-940528_640Are you the go-to person for information in your office? Do you have all the answers ready when people need them or does it take quite an effort to come up with responses to the questions people fire at you? If your answer is yes to always having the answers ready at all times, then this is a sign that you are better at your job than you think. You must be good at your job to have the answers at your finger tips at all times.

5. Your desk is organised.

home-office-569359_640Apparently, having an organised desk, personal possessions such as pictures and a neat stack of work files is a sign that you are better at your job than you think. If your desk is always messy and disorganised then it’s possible you are far off from being the best at your job.

6. You can second guess your boss.

quote-791953_640There is nothing as good as being one step ahead of your boss. No boss is happier than when he/she sees that they do not have to worry about the ‘little’ things at work as someone else has already thought about and organised them.

I hope these signs help you determine how good or not you are at your job. Hopefully, it also points at ways you can improve in order to make yourself a better employee. Thanks for stopping by!


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