Study claims there is no difference between sitting down or standing up at work

A study carried out by British academics claims that there is no difference between sitting down or standing up at work. This study comes as it was assumed that workers who have to carry out their work activities while standing up were endangering their health. It also challenges the assumption that sitting for too long at work is bad for your health because, according to the National Health Service’s (NHS) website, people who sit excessively could be at a higher risk for obesity, diabetes, some types of cancer and premature death.books-584999_640

This research was carried out by researchers from the University College London and Exeter University. In the course of this research, more than 5,000 people were followed over a 16 year period to study the effects of both sitting and standing at work and the results were published in the International Journal of Epidemiology.

Difficult colleague

According to, “the research found that there was no influence on mortality rates for participants from sitting at work, during leisure time or watching television”. However, the researchers advise that people who sit for too long should break it up with things like chatting, having coffee and so on. You may want to look at a post I wrote a while back titled ‘5 Ways to stay fit at work‘ for tips on how you can break up your working day.


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