Why you should draw a line between work and personal E-mail – The Hillary Clinton controversy

The current issues raised with Hillary Clinton and the work/personal emails she exchanged and received during her time as Secretary of State highlight the need for everyone, whether CEO or Receptionist to be cautious in their activities while using emails. This applies to the use of work email for personal purposes and the use of personal emails for work purposes. If it is work related, as much as you can, avoid using your personal mail to send it. Mobile phones make it easy for us to have access to our personal emails on our phone, however, limit this use to personal mails.


Hillary Clinton as most of would know is now running for the Presidential seat of the United States of America. Recently there were questions raised on her awareness of activities during the Benghazi attack at the Benghazi Committee’s hearing. She was accused at the hearing of knowing about the attack based on the e-mail she sent to her daughter on the night of the attack using her personal email address. According to news sources, Hillary is also accused of having used personal email accounts on a privately maintained server to carry out work related communication. This was however not illegal as according to Hillaryclinton.com, “the 2009 National Archives regulation in place during her tenure required that “[a]gencies that allow employees to send and receive official electronic mail messages using a system not operated by the agency must ensure that Federal records sent or received on such systems are preserved in the appropriate agency recordkeeping system.” The regulation recognizes the use of non-government email accounts.”

As the discussions continue, bottom line is that, when work e-mails are sent from alternative servers, it is almost impossible for the employer to track down work related information for continuity and record keeping after you have left the company. As said earlier, technology has been made easy now and access to the internet has been made even easier. There is a need to draw a line between what we do with our work emails and what we do with our personal emails. You never know which position you will be running for or nominated for in future and have to face questions regarding your work or personal email activity.


3 thoughts on “Why you should draw a line between work and personal E-mail – The Hillary Clinton controversy

  1. I can relate to this, not personally though. I know of someone who was using her work email address for personal business, and I mean for about 3 years. The company got fed up and fired her. I understand that we spend a lot of time at work, but a line should be drawn. That is why there is are tablets to carry around.

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    1. Very true! Work email sometimes seems more convenient but in the long run can cause problems. Tablets and phones are readily available for personal use like you mentioned. It also helps one to track their own personal mails when they leave a job. Thanks for the feedback.


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