Hazards of the job – How Salon Manager froze to death while trapped in a cryochamber

A 24 year old Salon Manager in Nevada has died after being accidentally trapped in a cryochamber with temperatures plummeting to -24 degrees Fahrenheit according to Daily Mail Online. Cryotherapy is an alternative to cold-water immersion or ice packs, however, the machines are typically not used for more than three minutes at a time for fear of the high chances of freezing.


According to the NBC, Chelsea Ake, the manager of Rejuvenice in Henderson, Nevada was found dead inside the cryochamber by her work colleagues. It is assumed by investigators that she had gone ahead to use the machine without any assistance, as she was the last one left in the salon that day, and may have suffocated inside the chamber. Authorities from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration believe she must have been in the chamber for over 10 hours! Unfortunately, no one will ever know what happened to Chelsea as there were no CCTV’s operational in that section of the salon.


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