Make sure your passport doesn’t stop you from that work trip – 5 Things to check


A few days ago I told you about the things you can ask for while on board an aircraft. If you missed it then you can read the full article here. Today though, I am going to remind you about the things you need to check or look out for on your passport in order not to get caught up in a messy situation at the airport when travelling:

1. Check that your visa or passport has not expired. My aunty once arrived at the airport with the kids about to leave for Spain for the summer holidays when she realised the children’s passports had long expired. Of course she could not fly and lost the money that had already been paid for the tickets. If however, you are going back to your home country, some airlines will allow you travel on an expired passport.passport-146543_640

2. Make sure that you have the right visa for your destination. Do not make any assumptions about whether a visa will be required or not. Always double check before you leave.

3. Check that you have enough blank pages left on your passport for visas if not you may be stopped from flying.


4. Check that the name you have on your passport correlates with what you have on your ticket. Even a wrong spelling could mean that you may not be allowed to board your flight.

5. Make sure that you still look the same or quite similar to the image on your passport. If you have had extensive surgery whether cosmetic or health specific carried out to your face or any facial features then you might need to check this.

Do not let your passport be the reason why you miss your flight! Make sure that you have this checklist to hand or even the blog to refer to when you are not sure. I am hope this list has been helpful and will make you check your passport just one more time before you take that trip to the airport. We do not want you missing that important business meeting!

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Excerpts: Mail Online

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