Be proud of what you do – Every job matters!

I recently came across someone’s post on Facebook basically insinuating that drivers, gate keepers, cleaners and the like were arrogant in their delivery of work. In the poster’s view, these lot should be humble because they have low level jobs. While I do not support arrogance in any job role, I am of the opinion that every job function is there to fulfil a purpose. I know this is more of a cultural problem in some parts of the world than anything else. However, no matter what we do for work, as long as it pays the bills and/or gives us a sense of responsibility, we should learn to be proud of our work.There is a need for every job.

From the view of those who look down on so called ‘low level’ workers, the truth is that, if you are a billionaire and are employing the services of a gate keeper for instance, it’s because you see the need for one and obviously cannot carry out this activity yourself. That public or office rest room you will use today has been kept sparkling clean by someone, you would not have been able to do it yourself. Every job needs skills which all cannot be found in any one person. always-226329_640

Pride and a sense of achievement makes people look down on other jobs and the people who do them. Surprisingly, even people who started off as gate keepers and cleaners themselves and have risen to higher positions still look at these jobs as demeaning. Imagine if there were no cleaners, no waste collectors, no house helpers, no nannies? Every job is important. They might be ‘low level’ in your opinion, but you would not enjoy your so called ‘high level’ job without them.

Now, if you on the other hand find yourself in one of these looked down upon job roles, take pride in your work. Be diligent in what you are doing. Make the most of the opportunity. You never know where maximising that opportunity will lead you to. If you do not hold your head up high in you job role, if you are not confident, it’s almost impossible for people to respect what you do. This applies also to even people in higher positions. Always remember that regardless of what you do, you are performing an essential service. You might not be paid a lot, but a day without your service possibly has a higher impact on more people.

Bottom line, no job role is inferior to the other, each serves to fulfil different purposes. All jobs are pieces of a puzzle, without one, it is impossible to complete the puzzle. Just like all parts of the body need each other to function, we all need each of our job functions to grow the company, our neighbourhoods and the country as a whole. As you go out today, have that at the back of your mind and remember to Take pride in what you do for work. Have a productive day and thanks for stopping by!


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