Frequent Traveller? 10 Things you maybe didn’t know you can ask for on board your flight

A lot of us have to travel frequently for work purposes and even for leisure. Flying and travelling in itself is a stressful activity, so here are a few things you probably did not know you could ask for while on board an aircraft to make your journey a little bit bearable.

1. Medicine – the basic ones such as pain killers and bandages. Things you would typically find in a First Aid kit.first-aid-908591_640

2. To move to another seat if there is one available within your travel class. If you ask nicely and have genuine reasons for wanting to move, cabin crew will mostly oblige.

3. You can ask for second helpings or more snacks – as long as you are not on board one of the budget airlines where you have to pay for food.

4. Basic entertainment for your kids – most airlines offer puzzles or children’s packs to keep the young ones busy which eases stress during travel.putty-789874_640

5. Complimentary cakes to celebrate events such as birthdays, honeymoon, wedding anniversaries and much more. They however need to be informed in advance to prepare for this.

6. A will – you probably did not know that your pilot is qualified to get a will sorted for you if needed.hand-229777_640

7. Sanitising wipes to clean up your arm rests and tables if you think there are lingering germs where you are seated.

8. Tours of the cockpit. They will usually oblige if they are less busy, particularly at the end of the flight.

9. Travel adaptors and other essential items such as hair brushes, mouthwash and moisturisers.water-19659_640

10. Refills of your water bottle if you need to keep yourself hydrated throughout your flight.

Here’s hoping this list makes your next work or leisure trip more pleasurable and relaxing. Thanks for stopping by! If you enjoyed reading this article, then please click to follow the blog or follow on Twitter @idyllconsulting.

Source: Mail Online UK


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