Does age really matter at work? Beyonce’s unanswered questions

Now, we all know that lying about anything is not necessarily the way to grow our career. In most careers, it does not matter how old you are as age does not in any way hinder your chances of success. In the music industry, when people are starting out in their career, being young probably puts one in good stead to get industry signing. On the other hand, footballers, especially African players have been accused of falsifying their ages in order to have a longer playing career. Whatever the case, the truth always has a way of sipping out particularly if you have former classmates who are willing to bring you down!. This is why we all need to be careful especially about fibbing about your actual age.

Anyway, it emerged recently, following an interview with Beyoncé’s father Matthew Knowles that the singer’s age might not actually be what everyone thinks it is. According to the IBTimes UK, in an interview with the 104.5 radio show The Breakfast Club, the singer’s father insinuated that his daughter is the same age as singer P!nk who is 36 this year and not 34 as everyone thinks. IBTimes UK further add that “this is not the first time Jay Z’s wife’s age has been called into question. In December 2013, a report claimed that Bey was actually 35 and not 32. During a segment about her surprise album, a Good Morning America host pointed out that fellow anchor Biana Golodryga, who is 35, had gone to high school with Beyoncé.”


This issue brings up multiple questions in my mind. Does the question of age really matter in the workplace? Does a difference of 2 years greatly impact the level of work you are capable of doing? I guess it can be argued that with some physical roles, age might come in but with age comes experience too. In the UK for instance, it is illegal to ask about people’s ages when recruiting although common sense makes it easy for employers to eventually find that out by working out your graduation dates and so on.

In some African countries such as Nigeria, your age needs to be clearly stated on your CV and some job roles have an age limit which I find ridiculous! You can either find yourself too old to be employed in some roles or too young as the person specification for the role is mostly unrealistic in comparison to the age limits that have been set on the role. If you are too young then employers think you are not experienced enough. Infact, a majority of people get held back in their careers because they are perceived as being too young and are not allowed to have an opinion. One way or the other, you stand to lose something depending on what the employer is looking for.

Whatever the case, people have different reasons for their actions. Location is also a major factor as to why people might falsify their age to tie in with the expectation of the employers – needs must. I guess the focus here is not on the age difference but about the lie being told. In the case of Beyoncé, it may be a long time yet till this unanswered question gets some form of closure.


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