Starting or running a business? Customer is king!

Recently, there has been a lot of focus on entrepreneurship and the increasing need to be one’s own boss. However, with this comes its own sets of challenges. Having been involved with a few businesses myself, I understand the need to ensure that your customers are satisfied with the service you are providing. Failure to do this potentially means setting yourself up for failure. So here are a few ideas to ensure that you business is meeting customer expectations.


1. Set customer expectations early: clearly define the service that you are offering so that people do not expect more than you are offering. For instance, if you are offering a parcel delivery service, have you made it clear where delivery ends? what size of parcels you can or cannot deliver? every single detail needs to be spelt out to avoid customer mistrust.

2. Survey and measure customer satisfaction: know who your customers are and find ways to gauge customer feedback, satisfaction and thoughts. You need this information to increase customer satisfaction. You can use social media, online polls,  e-mails, suggestion boxes, slips etc to give you the desired feedback that can help improve your business. Focus on the channels that give you the most feedback. Customer input is paramount to guide you on ways to improve and grow your business.


3. Use the feedback wisely: Based on the results from the polls, surveys or whichever method you choose to use, capitalise on the feedback to make your customers happy and increase customer satisfaction. Don’t just take feedback from the polls and surveys and never act on them – this is wasted time and resources. People taking out time to respond to your calls for surveys or polls means that they are interested in your business and want to see it get better. As a business owner, you should be even more passionate about this.

4. Remember your customer is the boss: You customer is king so treat them like one. Would your boss’ opinion be valuable to you? Would you want to miss out on a deadline or delivery timeline? I am more than certain the answer is ‘No’. Having this same attitude towards your customers and your business will make your business go a long way. Respect is vital when it comes to dealing with your customers and providing great customer service.


I believe no one wants to open a business and see it fail. It does not take too much to offer excellent customer service. This could be the key for you to get repeated business and continued referrals to your business. No one wants to be treated poorly when they are spending their hard earned money. Make the most of your peoples skills to give your business the necessary uplift it needs.

Thanks for stopping by! Please feel free to share your experiences on how you managed to improve customer satisfaction in your business.


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