5 Tips for kickstarting your working day or week

It’s a new week, are you having that Monday feeling? Still tired from the weekend and confused about how to effectively pull through the week? Well, I have come up with a straightforward list that might help you stay focused. Understandably, some days are a struggle maybe due to work pressure, personal baggage and much more so I hope this helps you glide through today and this week.

1. Arrive early to work:


This saves you from feeling rushed during the day. If you arrive early to work it allows you to have enough time to get yourself organised before you are bombarded by all the meetings and phone calls. It gives you time to settle in and grab that cup of coffee before the chaos begins.

2. Make a To Do list:


I know for some people this might sound a little old fashioned. However, there’s nothing better than having a plan set out for your working day or week. As the popular saying goes “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. You can update this list as you go along or as your working day or week changes.

3. Stay Organised:


Set reminders. Thanks to MS Outlook you can set reminders for almost anything. Reminders can keep you on track and help you meet your deadlines and meetings. Use this facility as there is a lot to benefit from it and you cannot really go wrong.

4. Go through your mails:


This is mostly time consuming and some people like to leave this until they are ‘less busy’. However, it pays to check your emails to know if there are any urgent matters you need to attend to. You don’t need to go through mail by mail but a quick skim through would point you towards the direction of mails that are important and need quick action or response.

5. Go through your diary:


If you go through your diary from the previous week or day, then you can check when you have meetings, accept or decline the meeting requests, send out meeting invites or requests as required. This can be a physical or virtual diary depending on how you keep track of your working week.

Have a good day and week ahead. I hope these tips will help you kick start your working day or week before the pressure, workload and meetings set in and you’re left swamped with no clue how to get back on track.

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