3 Lessons from The Voice UK and the Sir Tom Jones Saga

I heard yesterday that Sir Tom Jones had been replaced on The Voice UK with Boy George. I subsequently read Sir Tom Jones’ views on Social Media regarding the end of his contract with The Voice UK and the BBC and I drew the following food for thought from the experience I thought I should share.

FullSizeRender (1)1. Pay Attention to your Contracts: whether it is work or business contracts, please pay attention to it. If you are not contract savvy then please get an experienced person to cast an eye on it. You need to know terms of renewal, dismissal etc. You do not want to be caught out of contract as apparently was the case with Sir Tom Jones. Allegedly, his contract with the BBC expired in April 2015 and was not renewed.

2. You can be replaced: I’m guessing Sir Tom Jones assumed that his contract would be renewed anyway – after all he had been on the show since its first season. That wasn’t the case. What I have learnt in my working life is that no one is indispensable. If you drop dead, leave or stop going to work or business for whatever reason, there’s always someone there to take your place. These days, even redundancies don’t take into account how long you have been with a company. So bottom line, don’t feel any job is indispensable too. Make the most of your life.

3. Be positive: when one door closes, another opens. Sir Jones ended his Social Media comment with wishing the show well. Whatever happens with your work situation, regardless of what made you leave or quit, stay positive and wish the team well. This isn’t the easiest thing to do particularly if you are informed on the day about your contract ending and a new replacement taking over. However, positivity is what will keep you strong and position you for greater opportunities. See that ended opportunity as a stepping stone.

I hope going forward, we are able to keep ourselves covered in any business or work contracts we get ourselves into. Never take anything for granted.

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