Making the most of the weekend…

It’s Friday again!!! Last weekend, I took my little girl on a day out to a farm. It’s not where we went to but the time we spent there. Basically, most weekends I keep planning to take her somewhere nice but one thing overtakes the other and I end up staying at home. Today was different, I woke up with a determination to have some quality time with my daughter. We had the good fortune of some sunshine – 16 degrees – a rare blessing. What else could go wrong? Nothing really. So I got up bright and early, everyone who knows me would tell you Saturday is my sleep-in day but today was different, a turning of a new leaf! Got myself and my little girl ready. I could see the excitement on her face. I could see the anticipation. The realisation that she was going to swap a stay-at-home Saturday for one out in the sunshine. 

Out we went, had a long walk round the farm, fed the animals and then went for lunch, some shopping and then back home. Luckily the sun stayed shining throughout. My 4 year old was over the moon! However, I think my own sense of fulfilment surpassed anything she ever felt today. Making the most of the weekend today meant spending precious time with her, the time I do not usually get during the week. Seeing her smile and how much she has grown, hearing her tell me all about the animals she had seen left me pondering on how she got to know all she knows, an amazing feeling!

Copyrighted Image – Idyll Consulting

We find that we get into the daily and weekly routine. We forget that life passes so quickly, our children grow up so quickly and we also age so quickly. Try and make the most of any spare time you have outside of work. Time with family is priceless. Memories are priceless. You may not remember the number of tenders you worked on, deals you closed or folders you created when you are much older. However, what you and your family will definitely remember is the time you spent with them. Make time out from your busy schedules to create wonderful memories with the ones you love. Do something outside your normal routine. I did!


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