# Goforit

thank-you-362164_1280For the past week or so, I have come across this ‘Go for it’ tag line and I believe it’s speaking to me. I had procrastinated starting up this blog for years because I wasn’t sure if anyone would want to read it, I was too busy with uni and full time work and many other excuses I could muster to get myself out of the writing situation. However, the one thing I know I can do very effortlessly is write. Whether my writing style suits you is left to be decided as I err on the professional rather than casual side of writing. All comments and feedback are welcomed and definitely taken on board. 

Anyway, I however decided to start up this blog about a week ago and to be honest, I was treading cautiously. Not knowing what to expect in this endless space that is the internet. Looking at my stats in the one week since I started writing, my blog has had over 200 views from individuals in 11 countries!!! I know these numbers are ‘tiny’ for those of you with a large readership and follower base. However, for someone who thought not even one person would be interested, this is a massive achievement and I’m celebrating it and saying thank you to all my readers. Please keep supporting me.

Thank you for following my blog https://idyllconsulting.wordpress.com/

Thank you for liking my FB page https://www.facebook.com/Idyllconsulting

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If you have any dreams then definitely Go For It!. You can achieve anything you set your mind to do! Have a lovely day!


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