Work/Life lessons from Bobbi Kristina Brown’s death


This morning we were greeted with the news of Bobbi Kristina Brown’s death. May her soul rest in peace. However, knowing what happened to her and to her mum which eventually led to their deaths left me with two major thoughts which parents can maybe take into consideration. Now who are we to judge anyone? However, we can definitely learn a thing or two from the things that happen around us. So, here are my thoughts:

1. Work/Life Balance: The first thought was that of the need for a work-life balance. I know everyone who is working has heard this multiple times but the reality of it is that most people do not actually have this work life balance. Why am I saying this? well Bobbi Kristina’s death got me thinking, did Whitney really have this work/life balance? or was it about the music, relationships and much more? well, it’s up to you to decide and we can only conclude based on what we read in the press. The viability of this information is unknown. However, we should think about having this balance in order to spend more time with our children and give them the necessary support and guidance they deserve.

2. Be a positive influence/ example: The truth is that our children look up to us, especially when they spend a lot of time around us. In the case of Bobbi Kristina, she was known to gush about the great relationship and closeness she had with her mum. Which brings me to think that she must have spent a lot of time around her mum and been exposed to negative and positive influences at a young age. These influences may or may not have been from her parents. As we know, it is the negative influence that had the most impact on her life. So what am I saying? as working parents, let us try to ensure that our children have positive influences around them. Either through our lives or through the people we expose them to when they are young.  Let us be a positive example and try to be role models our children can look up to.

 RIP Bobbi Kristina Brown, died July 26, 2015.


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