Managing content on your social media profiles

Content Management

Have you ever wondered how to effectively manage your Social Media profiles and content? Or been stuck in a rut about what content to put up and how to ensure effectiveness of your content? Then these tips might be useful to you or your company in creating engaging content.

1. Let the content be relevant: There is no point sharing or putting up content on your social media profiles if they are not relevant. Yes it might be the easiest option but if it’s not educating your audience or helping your business in any way then there is no need sharing it on your social media pages. Keep the content and shares on point and relevant.

2. Check your spelling/grammar: A lot of people underestimate the power and the need to have an article on your social media page that is error free. I am not saying we cannot make one or two typos once in a while. In fact we should not, which is why you should have a professional keeping tab on the updates on your website. If you are anything like me, the moment I come across a website or social media content and it’s riddled with grammatical errors, it quickly puts me off. Crucially, it makes me doubt the reliability and authenticity of the website or social media page and its contents. Please check and check again before you post that update, essay or whatever you need to post. Leave out the jargon and short forms/text language where possible.

3. Be professional: This also stems from what I discussed in the last point. You need to make sure that your content is professional. Stay away from fanatical materials and even pornographic materials. You do not want visitors to your page seeing this and hereby creating negative impressions of you or your company. You could be doing the right thing but one unprofessional image on your website can change things for you or your business negatively.

4. Monitor the content: Carefully monitor the content that you put on or share. Most importantly monitor the content that OTHER people share on your Social Media pages. This is something that has to be done by a professional or someone dedicated to the management of your Social Media profiles. If you have regulated posts on your sites then someone has to be available to approve them when there is a request for items to go on your profiles, monitor for errors and mistakes, ensure that updates are regular and relevant and appeal to the users of the Social Media sites.

I hope these tips have been useful to you.

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